Celine Saki

Celine started in the photography industry over 20 years ago.  Photographing  concerts, clubs, magazine covers, food, portraits, stop motion photography, headshots, events and commercial projects.  As well as personal projects like this, or like that.

Fast forward to 2021:  James participated in Celine's photography creative, and from there, the dog portrait spark, turned into a roaring fire!  

James Bond Saki

James is an affectionate and loving son to a doting Dog Mom.  In the last year, he's become more active in the Instagram scene.  He's not only a great dog, but also a brave protector against the threat of buses, bikes and fast walking people.  A competent editing supervisor, he's on a treat payroll, with daily bonuses of 3 year old cheddar.

Our objective is to bring out the best in every dog we photograph.

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