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Plan for your session

If you'd like to bring outfits, accessories, props, please email some photos well before the shoot.  This way we can arrange them in the order necessary during the shoot.

Book a grooming appointment or give your dog a bath as needed.  A clean and well cared for coat will show better in photos.  For high shedding dogs, going for a groom to blow out excess hair will show the healthier looking hair.

Is your dog uneasy about walking on wood floors, or stepping on smooth surfaces (paper backdrop)?  Please let me know at the time of booking.  I have some rug options to put underfoot during the shoot.

What commands/Tricks does your dog know?  Please let us know at the time of booking, we can use them to make even better portraits!

Day of your session

We'll have freeze dried beef liver treats at the studio.  If you want to bring high reward treats, that you know your dog will be very responsive to, please bring them along!  If you want to bring natural peanut butter, we'll leave that to the last set of shots in the session.  

No treats given on the day of the session, will mean that the ones given on set, will be all the more desirable to them.

Wash your dogs face with warm water on a towel, before coming for the booking.  This will insure that there is no dry sleep around and in the eye, or dried food on their hair around their mouth.

If the hair covers or crosses over their eyes, you may want to get those hairs trimmed, as needed.  Clear visibility of their eyes look best.  

Please bring:

  • Favourite toys
  • Water bowl 
  • Towel
  • Brush/comb to give a once over before and or during the shoot.
  • Props, outfits and accessories that were discussed at the time of booking.

It's important to let your dog do all their business, before they come in so they are comfortable.  

Your help will be needed on set with your dog.  

Turnaround time -  Your proofs will be ready to view and select, in a password protected gallery, approximately 1.5 weeks from the shoot date.  Your final selections may take up to 2 weeks to complete.

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